Hear Me Out is, so far, a passion project. A hobby for a news junkie.

Local news is dying, but it can be resuscitated and healed by those who understand the value of high quality journalism, and how it leads to a more engaged community, better understanding of government, and higher voter turnout.

The Press, otherwise known as the Fourth Estate, has a noble calling that goes beyond click bait. We have forgotten what it is supposed to look and feel like. “The Media” is derided as only the talking heads in the after dinner hours of cable television, argumentative and divisive, rooted in fear as cell phone video footage plays on a loop.

Flashing lights, alarm bells, big red letters. That’s not the news, it’s entertainment, and the more you watch, the angrier you are, and the more they get paid.

The Media is supposed to advocate for and educate the communities it serves. What you read, watch and listen to should connect problems to solutions.

I hope I can do that here. Let’s see where this goes …

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